In the bookshop at Black Box teater, you will find a small selection of books, each of them related to the theater program.

The books have either been suggested by the artists, are related to their practice, or evolve thematically around the seasonal program and topical program.

Books from Varamo Press

We offer a wide selection of book titles published by Varamo Press. Varamo Press is a publishing house founded in 2018 by artists Mette Edvardsen and Jeroen Peeters. It embraces the unexpected, and values the arbitrary circumstances in which writing comes into being. Click here to find our Varamo Press bookrange.

Selected by Carrie

The artist collective Carrie has curated a small selection of books related to their artistic practice. This selection is now available in our bookshop! Click here to check out Carrie's book selection.

Ecology in focus

Our selection includes a range of books and book packages centered around plant life and other non-human lives, ecology and sustainability. This selection is curated in collaboration with the artist duo LATERNA. Click here to explore the eco-related book range.

Want to order a book?

The physical bookshop is located in the foyer at Black Box teater, and is open before and after the performances.

Are you located outside of Oslo and would like to place a book order to receive in the mail? Send an e-mail to