Charlotte Mclean

6.–7. september 2024

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

A dance poem about wonder, worries and being alive. A homage to the mothers and grandmothers who have danced before us and the children we are yet to meet, And invites us to consider our view of the world, to relate, debate and dance.

“Mclean delicately weaves spoken word, political commentary and personal anecdotes with beautiful, eruptive pockets of dance”

Using honesty, charisma and humour, Scottish dance artist Charlotte Mclean weaves contemporary and highland dance with personal stories, political commentary and spoken word. Exploring being, belonging, friends, family, politics, climate change, independence and reproductive rights to deliver an exciting, empowering and fierce performance.

And is a homage to the earth, the cosmos, the miniscule, the magic, the meaning, the moment, the moments before and all that's yet to come.

“… exhilarating, jaw-droppingly bold and clever show”
“… an edge as sharp as the swords she dances on”

Charlotte Mclean's practice combines improvisation, voice work, imagination, self-celebration, joy, and radical listening. Her choreographic work has been carved from her childhood in Arbroath, Scotland, her training at Scottish Dance Theatre and her BA at London Contemporary Dance School.

She currently works across Scotland, London and Bern freelancing for various companies as well as co-founding the movement bands BADBODYCHAOSCODE and Die Berner Band. The bands have influenced a lot of Charlotte's practice and have performed at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and TANZhAUS Bern amongst others. Charlotte's work engages in the political advocating for body autonomy, reproductive justice and freedom.

Note – Age Recommendation: 14+
Content and trigger warnings related to abortion, miscarriage, and strong language.

  • Extra credits With thanks to: Curious Seed, Dundee Rep, Scottish Dance Theatre
  • Duration 60 minutter
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