Governance Structure


Black Box teater was constituted on 30 October 1985 by Teatersentrum, currently named Danse- og teatersentrum (Performing Arts Hub Norway). Black Box teater is organized as a joint stock company, and is owned in its entirety by Danse- og teatersentrum. Black Box teater’s General Assembly consists of Danse- og teatersentrum's Board.

In 2012, Danse- og teatersentrum established regulations to insure that their ownership provides Black Box teater complete artistic liberty and independence, between the foundation itself as owner of Black Box teater, and subsidiary companies, within the frames of inalienable law.

Nomination committee

Black Box teater’s nomination committee consists of three members. One of three members of the committee should be appointed by the owners of Black Box teater, the remaining two members should be appointed by Black Box teater's Board. 

Members of Black Box teater’s current Nomination Committee

  • Ingrid Moe
  • Maria Utsi
  • Sudesh Adhana – choreographer, dancer


The nomination committee appoints members to the board. The 2022 board is composed as follows:

Board chairman

  • Suzanne Bjørneboe – Head of Department at Asker School of Culture, Department of Theater, Dance and Visual Arts (board member since 2008, board chairman since 2016).

Board members

  • Knut Even Lindsjørn – Director of Interaction at South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (board member since 2018).
  • Ine Therese Berg – Curator for theater history and performing arts, Oslo Museum (board member since 2013).
  • Jette Christensen – Senior advisor at Visindi (board member since 2022).
  • Huy Le Vo – Performing artist and project creator (board member since 2016).
  • Morten Pettersen – Lydmester, Black Box teater (board member since 2021).


  • Espen Røyseland – Architect, M.Arch. MNAL. Founding partner of TRANSBORDER STUDIO (board member since 2022).
  • Mah-Rukh Ali – Senior advisor and writer (board member since 2021).

Artistic council

The artistic council is composed of up to four members in addition to the artistic director. The role of the artistic council is advisory. The artistic council contributes with ideas, suggestions and proposals regarding the artistic and topical program of Black Box teater.

Artistic council – June 2020 to May 2021

  • Mine Nilay Yalcin – Theater director based in Oslo.
  • Kristina Junttila Valkoinen – Artist working in the field of Live Art and based in Tromsø.
  • Satu Herrala – Curator, researcher and choreographer based in Helsinki.