Vision and mission

According to Black Box teater statute, our mission is:

  • to highlight independent performing arts in Norway
  • to program and disseminate Norwegian and international independent performing arts, through presentation and collaboration
  • to operate and have the artistic responsibility of a theater house in Oslo

Black Box teater shall not pursue any business purposes aiming at financial profit for the stakeholders, and the organization shall not have income from anything other than theater-related activities.

The mission of Black Box teater unfolds in six main components

A support for artistic risk

Black Box teater supports experience, artistic processes and encourages artists from all generations and with different backgrounds. Black Box teater looks at performing arts as an agent of change, which grasps new perspectives on what art can be, conveys unknown experiences, and carries frictions and possibly a subversive power. Moreover, many premieres take place at Black Box teater. This risk-taking attitude is a clear component of our identity.

A laboratory

Black Box teater is a laboratory, a production space where artists can research, produce and present work in progress, premieres or guest-performances, in a context adjusted to the needs and specificities of each project.

A meeting point

Black Box teater is a meeting point between artists and audience, for Norwegian and international performing arts. The theater connects international artists to a Norwegian context and to a local audience, as well as stimulates international networks for Norwegian artists.

An open house

Our mission relies on our capacity to develop links with the audience and citizens, fostering inclusion and diversity. Our role is to facilitate accessibility to performing arts for all ages and to ensure that everyone feels welcome. Beyond the art experience, it is also important for us to contribute to community building through being a space for socialization.

A collaborative and horizontal mindset

Black Box teater promotes collective intelligence. We collaborate locally, nationally and internationally with artists, theaters, festivals, arts, cultural and social organizations, and artist-run spaces. These cooperations, which can be short-term or long-term, take different forms and contents: joint programs, guest-curating, co-productions, dissemination and outreach projects, and capacity building.

A reflective space for multiple perspectives

Black Box teater aims at being reflective, at expanding knowledge and perspectives, and at stimulating the dialogue between different practices, viewpoints and audiences. We foster debate and critical thinking. We promote a culture of openness, curiosity and respect, based on mutual understanding.