Mia Habib & Jassem Hindi, Stranger Within (2021)

  • ISBN 978-8-28-104488-3

Stranger Within is a tale set in the rural north of Norway, exploring the fabric of what makes a political unconscious. This broken history of Norway is shaped like a haunted land, fretting at the remains of the day. Stranger Within is the work of a sleeper: breaking objects, shaking bodies, shaping menacing figures.

Since 2017, in the north of Norway, Mia Habib and Jassem Hindi have performed in people’s houses in exchange of a dinner or a coffee. The work has been developed in the spirit of hosting strangers with strangeness, where art is stuck inside reality. Habib and Hindi use found objects, lo-fi recordings, fantastique-realist poems and their own bodies. Stranger Within is a collective endeavour, and for each edition they invite guest artists they have met along the road in the North. The guests add their own perspective to what absence and strangeness feels like.

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