Samuel Brzeski, MISERABLE and PHYSICAL (2021)

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MISERABLE and PHYSICAL are presented in Black Box teater bookshop in connection to Waiting for the Sun that took place in the theatrein 2018.

Waiting for the Sun is an all-night journey, a durational and cross-disciplinary event that focuses on peculiar listening and hearing experiences. It explores voices and sound landscapes, through a con- stellation of immersive works.

During this edition of Waiting for the Sun Samuel Brzeski presented his durational performance Miserable I hope you do too. In this performance he repeats a poem of the same name by Sam Riviere over a several hour period, with each repetition changing one small part of the poem.

Both books – MISERABLE and PHYSICAL – present an evolving poem that has gone through many stages of rewriting, repetition, and recomposition.

MISERABLE presents the poem physically performed at Black Box teater during Waiting for the Sun in 2018. In MISERABLE, the performed text is transcribed, allowing the poem to further mutate and shift from the realm of the voice back onto the space of the page.

For PHYSICAL, the same process was applied to the poem Protest of the Physical, originally written by Andrew McMillan, and was performed at Galleri SLAKT in Bergen.

The original poets, Sam Riviere and Andrew McMillan, have written introductory texts to each of the books.

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