Månedlig lesegruppe #2

30. september 2020

Carrie is an interdisciplinary collective exploring the limits, frictions and possibilities of our current cultural state. Through small monthly meetings to bigger gatherings, they are trying to establish spaces for active questioning. Working with various modes of being together in the arts, Carrie wants to open up a space for conversation, exchange and reflection. They are currently associated artists at Black Box teater (2020-2021).

As one of their initiatives, Carrie is organizing a monthly reading group where a variety of texts will be read. Each session aims to make space for contemporary questions through reading together. The reading group takes place at a new location each time. The reading group wants to be an occasion to meet in order to develop and deepen our common references, language and vocabulary, as well as friendships and solidarity.

Carrie Reading group #2
30 September, 10.00-12.00, Bananaz

For this second session we will read The phantom archive, an email essay by the Palestinian curator, pedagogue and writer Lara Khaldi. Khaldi’s writings and work address themes like the dystopian present, colonial issues and the impossibilities inherent in language and communication.

The Phantom archive, an email essay written for the publication time, has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine published in 2019 as a part of the project with the same name by the Norwegian choreographer Mette Edvardsen.

Practical info:

This second session with take place at Bananaz in Grønlandsleiret 47a.

You do not need to have been at previous sessions in order to attend, and unless stated no prior reading is necessary. We ask you to arrive on time, but you can always leave early if you need to. We will read the text aloud together and discuss it as we go. Discussions will take place in English.


Please send an email to to inform that you are coming. There is a limited number of places.
Corona guidelines will be followed.

Note: The initial title of the reading group communicated by Black Box teater; ‘Girl on fire’, intended to convey a sense of feminist urgency. It has since been changed to ‘Carrie lesegruppe’ for this and future events.

  • Varighet 180 minutter