Ship O´Hoi!

12.–21. oktober 2012

What are the terms for human freedom? As a company. As an individual. As a nation. How do you create a space with the possibility to live according to your own integrity and potential? Does the framework of personal freedom always limit other’s freedom?

“Ship O’Hoy” is a journey at sea. Down the English channel, the Mediterranean Sea, Libya, Azerbaijan, the Suez canal, and around Cape Hope to Angola. Our goal is not to get somewhere, but to see some of the places we already are.

Aboard the ship: A Libyan activist running from a revolution he helped start, a Norwegian visual artist commissioned by multi-billionaire George Soros to decorate a public space in Azerbaijan, a pilot with a sense of direction, a corruption investigator with a bad conscience, and Terje Nordby, who wrote Norway’s first play about oil.

Pia Maria Roll has earlier directed the successfull shows «The Street Scene» and «Over Evne III» together with Marius Kolbenstvedt which was big hits at the Black Box Theatre and later toured the country for an enthusiastic audience.