Long Fuelled Session

26.–29. januar 2012

”Long Fuelled Session” is a visual performance that tracks the drive to lose one’s self. The performers aren’t acting out a part, they are not trying to ”be” anyone.

In interaction with various objects through more or less purposeful actions, they blend in with the things, which may as well be the focal point of the performance.

While it is difficult to hear one’s own language from the outside, without registering already familiar meanings, ”Long Fuelled Sessions” translates a deterritorialised experience. This may find place at an airport where, after a long journey, one encounters one’s own language as a distant noise, prattle that does not bear any meaning. This hypercultural moment becomes the point of departure for a theatrical foreign language where micro-dramas are played out through the performers’ adaptation and resistance to the objects.

”Long Fuelled Sessions” builds upon the strategies developed for ”Salting the Tail” (Black Box Theater, fall 2010). It explored the stage as part of a system of obedience where little or nothing is said, but everything is implied. Objects and actions remodulate each other. Image after image in a multi-linear course where the starting point is the similarities between human beings and things, rather than the differences.

This premise is now used for a humorous reflection on the youthful search for freedom in a transnational culture of leisure.

Concept, design & direction: Namik Mackic. Co-creators & performers: Eivind Linn and Magnus Myhr. Artistic adviser and dramaturge: Miet Warlop. Scenographic & technical assistance: Andreas Müller. Light design: Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud and Andreas Müller. Material consultant: Thorsten Streichardt. Producer: Namik Mackic. Co-producers: Black Box Teater. Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd

  • Duration 1 minutter