Jake & Pete’s Big Reconciliation Attempt for the Disputes from the Past

1.–2. oktober 2013

For «Jake & Pete’s big reconciliation attempt for the disputes from the past» the brothers Jakob and Pieter Ampe start from the fact that they are brothers, both born in Burundi, both with a lot of good and bad memories from their youth.

Pieter has since become a dancer, choreographer and artist in residence at CAMPO («Still Difficult Duet», «Still Standing You»), while Jakob recently graduated as a voice coach and is a musician with The Germans, among others. During the creation process the brothers examined to what extent they can raise each other’s game. On stage they study each other very closely, like in a mirror. A study which involves extremes as well as subtleties. The dancer discovers his voice, the singer gets to know his body. Quite apart from this, there is something else that unites these brothers, namely their penchant for dry humour.