God ID

8.–11. november 2012

God ID (Eng.: Good ID) With this piece Rasmus Jørgensen tries to transform himself into a completely different artist. A new person. He tries to loose himself in a chaotic story where all the characters do just that: Loose themselves when confronted with a harsh, but fantastic place. Indirectly, the piece is about theater. About what we want from art: To really challenge who we are or rather, perhaps even better, reaffirm ourselves in a space where we simply feel safe?

Through a number of different solo works Rasmus Jørgensen has developed his own musical, quite physical performance style where simple, yet poetic

narratives play a central role. With «God ID» he explores a more intricate, overflowing style of story telling and also lets the music play a bigger role through live performance. By shifting ambiguously between the spontaneous and rehearsed, as well as the chaotic and ordered, Jørgensen explores ideas of intuitive, natural behavior versus self aware and cultured.

After completing his composition and performance studies at Mills College in Oakland, California, in 2003, Jørgensen has worked with different theater and music ensembles, as well as presented an extensive number of solo performances at spaces such as K77 in Berlin, The Smell in Los Angeles and Steim in Amsterdam. This is his fifth co-production with Black Box Teater.

Performance, text, music and directing: Rasmus Jørgensen, Outside eyes: Ole Johan Skjelbred, Julie Rongved Amundsen, Joanna Magierecka & Claire de Wangen, Lights: Tilo Hahn, Co-production: Black Box Teater & Dramatikkens Hus, Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd.

  • Duration 40 minutter