Dana Michel (CA)
Yellow Towel

19.–20. mars 2015

Past showings

19:30, Lille scene

19:30, Lille scene

As a child, Dana Michel would drape a yellow towel on her head in an attempt to emulate the blonde girls at school.

”Ms. Michel has a manner onstage that is largely oblique. She often moves and speaks as if either act were problematic. But every stammering noise, every strained movement demonstrated powerful imagination and psychological force.” New York Times.

“…she turns cultural stereotypes upside down in a riveting look at identity and metamorphosis…”. Time Out New York.

”This show is very personal and deliciously funny in an offbeat way. It confirms the talent of an artist who refuses to compromise and dares to invent her own language.”

As an adult, she now revisits the imaginary world of her alter-ego in a performative ritual free of cover-ups or censorship. Blending austerity and absurdity, she digs into black culture stereotypes, turning them inside out to see whether or not she can relate. We witness her allowing a strange creature to emerge from this excavation in a slow and disconcerting metamorphosis that we follow with fascination. Strongly influenced by the aesthetics of fashion, music videos, queer culture and comedy, Dana Michel quickly stood out as an emerging dance artist. With Yellow Towel she explores new creation territories and most decidedly asserts herself as an artist to watch. Dana’s work has garnered numerous awards and Yellow Towel was featured on the “Top Five” and the “Top Ten” dance moments in the Voir newspaper, Dance Current Magazine and Time Out New York.