Dear audience! Dear artists!

194 days have passed since we had to close the doors to the theater. Little did we know that more than six months would pass until we were able to meet again and share performing arts experiences together.

It has been hard, but today we are celebrating: We are reopening the theater in June!

Oh yes, we’ve missed you – ‘cause what is a theater without excited audience members in the foyer, without the stage encounters between the artists and the spectators?

Not that it has been quite here at Black Box teater: During the past months, we have kept the house open for rehearsals, we have worked intensively with our digital content, and we have held a digital theater festival – against all odds. But now it’s time to meet the audience again; in the same physical place. Now we will watch performances together, and afterwards, we’ll sit down in a café or restaurant and talk to one another about what we just experienced inside the auditorium.

This is a day of joy for Oslo's cultural life - and we have been looking forward to sharing this with you!

In June, we invite you to the following performances:

  • 3–5 June: Eirik Blekesaune: Logos Pneuma
  • 10–13 June: LATERNA: Tree Talks – The Linden Tree
  • 11–13 June: Solvang & Roel: UTOPIA (shown in collaboration with Nationaltheatret)
  • 16–19 June: Henriette Pedersen / the Nartman Foundation: MADAM
  • 16–19 June: LATERNA: Tree Talks – The Copper Birch

In line with the authorities' restrictions, we are showing the performances for up to 20 spectators at a time. More information is coming, and tickets will be available continuously. Stay tuned to blackbox.no and follow us on Facebook for updates!

Welcome back to us! We are so happy to be able to meet again!