Spreafico Eckly (NO)
Vive La Phrance

24. november 2017

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

What can we learn by viewing the world as a performance?

Vive la Phrance test the potential for performing art to give insight into how we as citizens relate to power structures in society. The performance takes place on a stage that has been transformed into the pleasant surroundings of a German biergarten for the occasion. A musician, an actor and a dancer guide the audience through eight performative situations inspired by existing works and forms of expression. Each situation defines the position of the audience based on varying degrees of trust and control. Can these positions tell us something about how we observe and act, make plans and improvise, both individually and collectively, in relation to the rules set by those in power? Vive la Phrance is a performative and analytical exploration of this premise.

  • Duration 90 minutter