Seminar Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
The Political in Live Arts

11. mars 2017

Past showings

10:00, Foyer

Europe is unraveling, rightwing extremists and nationalists are gaining traction,

thousands upon thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean, war is ravaging Syria for the sixth straight year, fences and walls are being built along borders, the public sphere is withering, reality TV-stars are ascending the heights of power, and clowns (literally) are winning elections.

This is the backdrop for the seminar on the political in live arts. The seminar will investigate how the theatre (live arts), what Hannah Arendt once referred to as “the political art par excellence”, relates to its own time, and how the political in live arts is understood today.

Directors, performers, choreographers, playwrights, artists, theorists, writers and journalists have been invited to hold talks, discuss and debate in a wide-ranging conversation with each other and the audience. See for further details about the program and speakers.

Talks and conversations.
Participants: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (US), Mårten Spångberg (SE), Pia Maria Roll (NO), Marius von der Fehr (NO), Helle Siljeholm (NO), Angelina Stojčevska (NO), Tale Næss (NO), Anna B. Watson (NO), Kristian Meisingset (NO), Chris Erichsen (NO), Andrea Spreafico (IT).

Saturday March 11 from 10.00 – 15.30. Black Box teater foajé.

The seminar will primarily be in English. The café in the foyer of Black Box will be open.
Free entrance.

Sunday March 12 11.00 -15.00 at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO): Further discussion and analysis. Led by Elin Høyland (NO).

You can attend Saturday or both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Extra credits Initiated by Valborg Frøysnes and Ingri Midgard Fiksdal in cooperation with Black Box teater
    • Duration 330 minutter