Salting the Tail

20.–24. oktober 2010

«Salting the Tail» unfolds on two levels: a cinematic essay about 8 young actors and a director in pre-production - and a series of operations on stage where the actors’ relationship with "plasticy" materials result in a changeable, hypnotic landscape. Between these layers an underlying story is taking shape, and is attacked indirectly from different angles.

«Salting the Tail» explores the possibilities of constructing a culture through corporal, automated knowledge in a space cleared of points of reference. Here the body becomes an instrument to achieve meaning through random materials and motor-reflexes devoid of emotions.

In a sticky space full of lifee made of rubber, powder and water, a new canvas is rolled out, where fiction is stretched until it is transparent and pathos, the absurd and the obscene slide into each other.

Namik Mackic works with performance and film. He presented «The Folding Sky» at Black Box Teater autumn season 2004, in collaboration with Virginie Mira.

Idéa, script, cut and edit: Namik Mackic. With: Diane Busuttil, Namick Mackic and acting-students from Universitetet Dzemal Bijedic, Mostar. Photo: Cecilie Semec. Music: Raymond Ingar Berge. Lighting and scenographic assistance: : Ingeborg S. Olerud. Outside eye: Miet Warlop. Production assistance BiH: Miro Barnjak. With the support of: Norsk kulturfond, Fond for lyd og bilde and Det norske komponistfond. Co-production: Black Box Teater.