Riding Romance 1 Swan Lake

2.–5. februar 2012

In the 19th century, ballets were seen as trading goods that could be rejuvenated and re-sold, as the choreographer Marius Petipa did with the poorly received ”Swan Lake” from 1877. Since then, several of the world’s most prominent choreographers have made their version of ”Swan Lake”, and now Henriette Pedersen has donet he same.

Costumes, movements, scripts, and even Tchaikovsky’s music has since 1877 been the objects of reconstruction. Numerous productions have been adapted to the skills and resources of artists. ”Swan Lake” has been shown as a romance, tragedy, and melodrama, with both tragic and happy endings.

To the degree one is able to speak of distinvtive elements of ”Swan Lake”, it is that Odette’s dance is ”feminine”, soft and fluid. Her evil counterpart, Odile is more ”masculine”, erect without support.

The evolution of ”Swan Lake” has been so great that it can be called ”a work in progress”.

Henriette Pedersen is a choreographer in the space between theater, dance and visual art, expressing a range from the subtle and introverted to explosive extrovertedness, from hysteria to romance.

In her new trilogy, ”Riding Romance”, Pedersen will give some of the sentral pieces of the age of romance a complete overhaul, from ”Swan Lake”, via Caspar David Friedrich, to ”Little Red Riding Hood”.

Choreography: Henriette Pedersen. Producer:Pernille N. Mogensen/ Produsentbyrået. Performers: Kristine Karåla Øren, Marianne Kjærsund og Elisabeth Berger Breen. Dramaturg: Sidsel Pape. Light design: Tilo Hahn. Music selection, mix og editing: Katrine Ganer Skaug. Mask design: Maren Anna Olstad. Sound Engineering: Andreas Frostholm Røeboe. Logo: Tørdal. Supported by : Norsk Kulturråd and Fond For Lyd og Bilde. Co-producers: Black Box Teater and Galleri Maria Veie.

  • Duration 1 minutter