Harald Beharie

30. mai–2. juni 2024 ❶ Premiere

Past showings

21:30, Lillomarka
Sold out

21:30, Lillomarka
Sold out

21:30, Lillomarka
Sold out

21:30, Lillomarka
Sold out

Note – The performance is free of charge! And sold out!
Please contact janne@blackbox.no to secure a place on the waitlist. Also make sure to read the practical information at the bottom of the page.

Undersang is a work by Harald Beharie in collaboration with Karoline Bakken Lund, Veronica Bruce and Christian Beharie, which takes shape as a performance ritual in the forest. Undersang is a tapestry of opulent configurations soaked in a shimmer of queer ecologies and extravagant gestures. Here mythologies, national romantic ideals and science fiction converge, revealing a world of ancient powers.

Weaving Afro and Asian-Nordic diasporic narratives, Undersang plays with the notion of dissonance as an ambiguous feeling of empowerment, sparking questions about cultural fictions and what it means to belong. As a ground for refusal, reclamation of time and looking beyond the idea of ownership, the work seeks fertile ground for healing, for lament and joyous celebration.

Harald Beharie (he/they) is a Norwegian-Jamaican performer and choreographer based in Oslo. In various formats and contexts, his practice looks into alternative modes of being, dancing, and existing together while questioning notions of normativity. Harald’s work has received nominations for the Norwegian Dance Critics Awards for the performances Shine Utopians with Louis Schou and the solo work Batty Bwoy. The latter also won the Hedda Award for Best dance production in 2023. His work has been presented in museums, galleries, festivals, and other contexts both in Norway and abroad.

Practical information

  • Meeting point: Outside Narvesen at Grorud metro station at 20:30. There will be a 50 minute hike to reach the performance location in Lillomarka. It includes varying levels of difficulty and terrain so please wear appropriate footwear.
  • The performance and hike is not suitable for individuals with physical impairments.
  • We highly recommend meeting at Carl Berner plass metro station to travel together to the meeting point at Grorud metro station. We will take Metro 5, direction Vestli, departing from Carl Berner plass at 20:08.
  • Arrival at Grorud metro station will be at 20:27, and we will begin the walk from the meeting point to the site-specific venue at 20:40.
  • After the performance, the return journey will require the same walking distance and duration. Metro 5, direction Stortinget, departs from Grorud metro station at 23:32.
  • The performance takes place outdoors, so it is essential to wear warm and suitable clothing.
  • Age limit: 12 years

In collaboration with Dansens Hus .

  • Extra credits Thank you: Sudesh Adhana, Gabrielle Bozee, Marie Cole, Amika Elfendi, Pål Græsvik, Adama Janlo, Gloria Kapako, Erick Kelly, Torbjørn Kolbeinsen, Nicolas Jara Marthinsen, Magne Misje, Faduma Mohamud, Lara Okafor, Siham Ouazzif, Ellen Palmeira, Sven Undheim and Charlott Utzig
  • Duration 60 minutter