P project

14. mars 2013

P project in an interactive performance based on several P words as Piano, Pray, Pussy, Poetry, Poppers and so on.

After the Presentation of the Pussy catalogue, the People are invited to write improvised Poetry on stage and in the same time their Poetry is transformed into a song by the Performer who is Playing on a Piano. The People will be given other different opportunities to Participate in the P Project for which they are going to be Paid quite well. After the Performance the Public is invited to Play with the complex Pussy catalogue and construct their own Pussy and Print it on a Postcard.

Concept and music: Ivo Dimchev. Performed by: Ivo Dimchev and audience members. Software development: Matteo Sisti Sette. Co-production of Impulstanz Vienna, Kaaitheater, Volksroom , Humarts Foundation, Frascati/Amsterdam. Subsidised by: Flemish Community in Belgium.