Kollektive samtaler
om #metoo og Balansemerket

28. november 2019

Past showings

19:00, Sentralen

Collective conversations on #metoo and Balansemerket
For freelance and independent workers in the sector; dancers, choreographers, directors, performers, producers and organisations.

This conversation will start with an introduction by Siri Holden and Victoria Øverby Steinland from Balansekunst, who will inform about the marking scheme against sexual harassment, Balansemerket. The introduction will be followed by an open discussion about the scheme and other questions regarding safe spaces in the independent performing art fields.

Julie Støp Husby will guide us through the conversation.
There will be drinks and snacks.

It has been two years since #metoo put the focus on sexual harassment, creating a wave of necessary conversations, new awareness and reflections upon power structures.

Risk factors for sexual harassment are still largely present in cultural life, particularly: vunerability of the free-lancers, transitions between working context, social situations and private life, intimacy as a working tool and charismatic power. What can we do to secure the work situation, and what changes do freelancers want?

The goal for the open conversations is – together and across people in the field, organisation and institutions – to have conversations about what changes needs to be made, how they can be activated, what structures and routines will make it possible to create safe spaces and promote positive changes. The conversations take place in smaller groups where the participants in each group define the questions they want to talk about, and everyone is free to move from one conversation to the next.

In October, Balansekunst launched Balansemerket, a marking scheme against sexual harassment in cultural life. Balansemerket offers courses, guidance and various tools to assist art- and culture organisations in creating a safe and inclusive work environment.

The event is initiated by Black Box teater and organized in collaboration with Balansekunst, Scenekunstbruket, Dansens Hus, Norsk Skuespillerforbund, Norske Dansekunstnere and Bærum Kulturhus.

Gymsalen at Sentralen
Thursday 28. November, 19.00-21.30