Sorour Darabi
Natural Drama

23.–24. mars 2023

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

In Natural Drama, Sorour Darabi takes a closer look at how the ideas of “nature” and “naturality” affect all living bodies and their existence. There are criteria for beauty, and whether we are talking about the body or the landscape, what we call "nature" is governed. This has been governed throughout human history, by established standards according to which each individual thing is classified and categorized. What then of the body that wants to dissolve the binary and create a more hybrid way of existing?

Darabi gathers several figures to question the constructions and representations of the so-called female body. We meet the American choreographer Isadora Duncan in her search for a dance inspired by the elements of nature, and the Iranian princess Zahra Khanom Taj Saltaneh, artist, intellectual and pioneer of women's rights in Iran. Between these two personalities who work on the feminist question from different starting points and approaches, Darabi excavates a third way to create a mythical being that can flourish in a future where there is room for vulnerability.

Sorour Darabi is an Iranian choreographer who lives and works in France. Darabi has previously visited Black Box teater with the performance Farci.e.