Ibrahim Fazlic
Mommy Masochist

1.–5. juni 2022 ❶ Premiere

“Dear little friend - come into mommy's basement. Come into the mother basement and let me breastfeed you.” / Sometimes we all need a good, warm round of spanking.

Somewhere between a BDSM dungeon and a maternity ward, Mommy Masochist examines co-dependence, infantilization and expected worship. The focal point of the performance is the masochism of motherhood and the domination of the child – an emotional dragon fight between the characters arises, which stages itself and you, the audience, in this BDSM session of motherhood.

A young man sings for you. He disciplines you, tells you stories about times in life you cannot possibly remember. He serves you milk and talks about good mothers, about mothers’ sacrifices, taking the audience hostage by caring for them. Maybe he succeeds in luring you into the Stockholm syndrome, making you accept him as your own mother? At the same time, a woman – twice as old as him – is beautifully tied in Japanese shibari knots. She is not protesting. She surrenders. At least for a while.

A mother and the man in her life. A vicious circle of spoiledness when Dad's little princess gives birth to her very own little man. This project examines intimacy, love and the reassuring pleasure in consensual abuse as the characters approach the pain point of unconditional love.

Mommy Masochist looks at the shift in power and how suffering, or the care of one's own suffering inflicted by others, can be used to rule. This is usually seen in state leaders who tell victim stories to gain the sympathy of the public for their cruelty. In this project, Fazlic goes closer, right up to the dominant Mother Masochist who tells of martyrdom, physical and mental pain, to oppress the perhaps sadistic son.

Ibrahim Fazlic is a performance artist and playwright. He is currently a playwright in residence at Dramatikkens hus. He has previously made the performances Prty Lyf and A Muslim Afro-Joik in Swedish in Norway, and is presented for the first time at Black Box teater with Mommy Masochist.

Open house
Saturday, 29 January at 12:00