KTL og Our Love Will Destroy The World

25. februar 2011

KTL is the duo musical collaboration of Peter Rehberg and Stephen O'Malley, initially formed to score and perform in Gisèle Vienne's theatre piece "Kindertotenlieder" in 2006.

The partnership evolved into a real world band outside of that context rather quickly, and to date 4 albums and numerous live performances have been completed. In 2007 KTL was invited by Tartan Films UK to create a new score for a DVD release of "Körklaren" (1921) by Victor Sjöstrom. KTL's musical approach brought a renewed emphasis to the psychological topic of the film, framing the piece in a unique way. Through this Patrice Cherau invited KTL to complete a live perfomance/score for the 1927 film "L'aurore" by F.W. Murnau as part of his curating cycle "Les Visages et Les Corps" at Musée du Louvre, Paris. The film deals heavily with displacement and isolation in an urban environment. Rehberg and O'Malley spent time at EMS studios in Stockholm generating material for this piece, primarily on modular synthesizer systems, and including O'Malley's guitarwork. Their approach to the "L'aurore" score was to create long form pieces of music which appear in a static form, but can operate more interpretational in a perpendicular or parallel way with regards to the films emotive, rhythmical and structural content. The intent is not to provide a scene by scene score directly interacting with the events on screen, for this represents KTL in total. A living piece of music, where long, flexible and free evolution is important to the character of the music, and allowing doors to remain open in the performances.

Tickets for this concert at Blå Oslo. The concert is a colaboration with BLAA