Kollektive samtaler
i forlengelse av #metoo

21. mai 2019

Past showings

19:00, Foyer

Collective conversations to produce change in continuation of #metoo, #nårdansenstopper,#stilleøfropptak and #ikkehososs

For whom:
Open for everyone working in the independent field, freelancers and workers in the sector; actors, dancers, choreographers, performers, directors, producers, from independent companies and institutions.Context:
It is now one and a half year since #metoo started the vogue for necessary conversations, a new awareness and disruption of power structures. The independent performing arts field is particularly vulnerable.
The process to change culture, routines and law according to #metoo must take place on many levels and it takes time, in the wake of the greatest feminist movement of our time. We need debates, lectures, political measures, clear voices both from leadership positions and grassroots. Multiple voices, based on different experiences and different roles, are important, in order to cross perspectives and foster better awareness.
In order to activate positive change for a safer space for the independent performing arts sector, it takes time to find the appropriate language, to reflect upon the ethical implications, to formulate the changes needed, to consider new frameworks, and to re-examine roles and responsibilities.

This series of open conversations aims at gathering people working in the performing arts field, in order to think collectively about needs and concrete proposals, in the aftermath of #metoo. The ambition is to give this important conversation the opportunity to be in constant reflection, and to propose concrete suggestions and solutions.
How do we work for changes in a culture that has been around for a long time? How do we activate necessary changes among the field, in the institutions? What necessary structures, procedures and routines will enable positive change to be promoted? And what do we do when there is a case of harassment?
Those are the main entry points. The participants themselves will define the detailed questions they want to discuss.

– The format is conversations that take place in small groups. Participants choose which groups they want to be involved in, and can move from group to group at anytime, from one conversation to another.
– The questions that will be discussed are defined by the participants at the beginning of the evenings and during the conversations.
– A recap of the proposals discussed during the previous conversation that took place in February 2019 will be shared with the participants.
– In the desire to create safe rooms, conversations are required to be treated confidentially.
The solutions are taken further. At the end of the evening, we summarize in plenary the issues and solutions that the participants want to be taken further.
– Since consensus is not a goal in a situation that has so many layers, we can agree to disagree as well as identify areas of consensus. In this way perspectives can be expanded, because it is perhaps in friction and in collective intelligence that new solutions arise.

– Conversations facilitator:
Siri Holden, managing director from Balansekunst

About Black Box teater´s role:
When initiating those conversations, Black Box teater is aiming at proposing the space for the conversations. While acknowledging our power position and its implications, we wish – if possible – to be a participant and contributor to the conversations together with the other participants, encouraging as much as possible a horizontal approach. If the participants wishes to have conversations without the director – and the team – of Black Box teater being present, she/they will step out.

This collective process will continue in the fall 2019 and the following years. We share the collective knowledge from this process with BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen, Rosendal Teater (tidligere Avantgarden) in Trondheim and Balansekunst, which all commit to make suggestions further, examine these and bring them to the relevant bodies, partners and collaborators.

Moderator: Sir Holden from Balansekunst

May 21, 19.00–22.00

  • Black Box teater Foyer
  • Photo: Istvan Virag. The photo was taken at another event at Black Box teater