Solberg/​Cederqvist - A Kiss Me Production (NO/​SE)
His own room

19.–20. mars 2015

Past showings

18:00, Scene tre

18:00, Scene tre

In His own room Solberg and Cederqvist open their womb for the white offended man.

Leo, Buzz and Henrik and August, Tom and Steven and of course Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. Jon Arne, Pablo, Stefan, Fred and Jens, Bob and Celcius and Bill. James, Carl, Göran, Samuel and Emanuel.

Vincent or Nelson. Arnold, Sven Åke, Michael, and Olov. David, Ingmar and baby Jesus. Karl, Rudolph, Max, Marc and Christian. George, Zlatan, Matts and Sir George. William, Leonardo, Sandro, Pontus, Brutus and Pedrus. Marcus and Zeus and Sam and Tord. Maerten, Kim, Wayne, Joseph, Jeff and Elis. Hanif, Latif and Adam.

Erika Cederqvist and Julie Solberg met each other at the Amsterdam School of Arts in 2008. Together they form A Kiss Me Production. Their works are playful and surreal universes, with a core of dark humor and satire.