Exit Strategies

28.–30. september 2012

The Financial Dance is bouncingly schizophrenic and its rhythms asymmetrical, from ecstatic euphoria to the deepest despair. The Plutonomy’s followers look to the wealthy and expect the production of luxury goods to keep the wheels turning despite the loud squeaking in the machinery. There is obviously need for oil. Happy Gorilla Dance Company take business seriously and work their way from the bottom up – after all, one has to start somewhere.

Large corporations (and military strategists) always have a strategy for a possible retreat. But what about those of us who, in all our ungodliness, embrace profit and prosperity? The trust in the future stumbles nervously in sync with the financial dance as doubt continues to grow.

«Exti Strategies» is a social investigation in two parts (daytime & nighttime) where HGDC explore how society works and reacts in a given situation, like in recession.

Daytime: A three-hour installation where the audience come and go as they please.

Nighttime: An hour’s entertaining performance show

Performers: Jørgen Knudsen, Kjartan Andersen, Susanne Fjørtoft & Christina Brandt Jensen. Producer: Sunniva Skorve. With support from:Nordisk Kulturkontakt, FFUK, FFLOB, UD and Bergen Kommune.