People Like Us / Lasse Marhaug

13.–15. oktober 2021 ❶ Premiere

18:00, Store scene

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CineChamber is an immersive experience where the audience is surrounded by a moving landscape of sound and video. nyMusikk and Black Box teater proudly present two world premieres for this unique 360-degree format:

People Like Us: Gone, Gone Beyond

Gone, Gone Beyond is a spatial cinema work where a collage of references from the world’s audiovisual popular culture is juxtaposed with the artists own material, all sewn together in a giant patchwork. In a state of cognitive overload, new fragments and narratives expand and unravel in front of the eyes of the audience.

The title and underlying concept of the work come from the Buddhist text Heart Sutra, and its paradoxical claim that form is emptiness and emptiness is form. The artist wants to put the audience in a state beyond the frame, behind both the physical canvas, the video's images and the expectations of consciousness. This is where the real experience of KinoKammer's immersive format begins.

British artist Vicki Bennett is a pioneer in audiovisual collage. As People Like Us, she samples original recordings from music, film and radio and creates new collages with a dark yet humorous look at popular culture. Embedded in her work is the premise that all is interconnected and that claiming ownership of an “original” or isolated concept is both preposterous and redundant.

Lasse Marhaug: No title (2021)

Lasse Marhaug describes his work as a 'post-capitalist-science-fiction-noise film' – an, until now, unrealized genre. The film's dystopian narrative is never fully articulated, but represented through extensive use of symbolism and contrasts. Marhaug uses abstract imagery and a soundtrack drawing on sound design as much as music. Inspired by the authors Bing & Bringsværd, the artist twists and turns the science fiction format to reflect and criticize the present, revealing an agitating version of Norway's uncrowned king of noise.

Lasse Marhaug has been an active figure in the Norwegian scene for noise and electronic music since the 1990s. He has composed music for film, installations, video and dance, and made his directorial debut in 2019 with the short film Something Must Happen.

CineChamber is a continuation of RML (Recombinant Media Labs’) CineChamber, a project developed by San Francisco-based Recombinant Media Labs and curator Naut Humon.


Tickets will be available in August. The ticket for CineChamber is a double bill – the two video works will be shown after one another with an intermission in between.

OBS: As an immersive 360 degree presentation, it may cause some disorientation.

Total duration: 130 minutes incl. 30 minutes intermission.

Gone, Gone Beyond:

Language: English.

Recommended age limit: Under 14’s to be accompanied by an adult.

No title:

OBS: Some parts of No title have rapid changes of the imagery and are not suitable for those sensitive to this.

In collaboration with nyMusikk .

  • Duration 130 minutter