Bruce /​ Uhre /​ Bergsli (NO)
e-Harmoni 2.0

16. september 2016

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

Oslo kulturnatt at Black Box teater

Veronica Molin Bruce, Jennie Victoria Bergsli and Oda Uhre Aasheim are a young constellation with backgrounds in duration-based visual arts, choreography and dance. e-Harmoni is their first project. The aim is to dissolve performance as a defined object and let it unfold as part of an ongoing horizon of experience. e-Harmoni is developed in collaboration with design duo Karoline Bakken Lund and Pål Luis Sanchez who have created the art concept MAX FACE.

Veronica Molin Bruce shares some thoughts about the work on behalf of the constellation.

“We have removed the desire to arrive at a certain place. Our common ground is the process and we are interested in what can be generated by being together. We transfer this attitude to our meeting with the audience.

We are working with duration to challenge how the audience organises their attention in time and space. This allows us to question how value is assigned. Our source material is drawn from art and popular culture. It is visible as a way of honouring the originals, but we do not ‘perform’ it. We follow the needs of the work. We remove layers and work in depth beyond what is comfortable and familiar, pushing past the point where you normally get bored and stop. We work through the material and embody it through our distinct beings. Then we can discover something new.

We are a unified whole dependent on each other, rather than three performers doing the same things. All the elements in the space – lights, sound, scenography and audience – are performers in this unity.”

The performance is a part of Oslo Kulturnatt and is free of charge. No reservations needed.

e-harmoni will take place in the hours between 7pm and 10pm as a meeting between a performance and a social happening. The audience are free to come and go as they please. The party will continue after 10pm. Doors open 6.45pm.

* Premiere

  • Duration 180 minutter