Mithkal Alzghair (SY/​FR)

8.–9. februar 2017

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

“…this little pearl of a performance, which examines the physical effects of the instability of war, completely won me over..

With Syrian folk dance as focal point, Displacement is a poetic journey into the rituals of Alzghair’s native land.”

“I am interested in the inheritance of the Syrian body from my own reality, to make visible the human in this complex context of revolutions, migrations, wars, rising ideologies and breaths of freedom.” Mithkal Alzghair

The Syrian dancer and choreographer Mithkal Alzghair is based in France and studied in Damascus and Montpellier. In this performance, he explores how the body react when it is forced or prevented from moving. What kind of physical and cultural knowledge do people internalize in a country ravaged by revolution, ideologies and war where they only experience brief periods of stability? How the social and political reality affect traditional dance. Is this cultural heritage affected by war, misery and emigration? Displacement is a striking reflection upon the experience of fleeing and the uncertainty of the a life in exile.

The Syrian choreographer Mithkal Alzghair takes a close look at the themes rooted versus rootlessness. Displacement touches on opposing movements and emotions, the hope of escape and the turmoil by knowing there is no way back. In addition to deal with the civil war in Syria, the choreographer also examines his own body that is shaped by the Syrian culture and the folklore of its homeland.

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