Carrie Reading group

5. september 2020–31. desember 2021

Carrie is an interdisciplinary collective exploring the limits, frictions and possibilities of our current cultural state. Through small monthly meetings to bigger gatherings, they are trying to establish spaces for active questioning. Working with various modes of being together in the arts, Carrie wants to open up a space for conversation, exchange and reflection. They are currently associated artists at Black Box teater (2020–2021).

As one of their initiatives, Carrie is organizing a monthly reading group where a variety of texts will be read. Each session aims to make space for contemporary questions through reading together. The reading group takes place at a new location each time. The reading group wants to be an occasion to meet in order to develop and deepen our common references, language and vocabulary, as well as friendships and solidarity.

Reading group #1

The very first reading group took place on 5 September in Christian Krohgs gate 2. The first text on the group's reading list was Toward a Black Feminist Poethics: the quest(ion) of blackness toward the end of the world (2014) by Denise Ferreira da Silva. Da Silva’s research proposes another way to look at how we are inclined to think about artistic practice, identity and race, history and time.

Toward a Black Feminist Poethics aims to free the category of blackness from the ways of knowing in which it first emerged, in order “to announce a whole range of possibilities for knowing, doing, and existing.” Instead of trying to define and delimit what we can know, it takes a poetic and creative approach to open up the possibilities for being with and relating to one another.

Reading group #2

The second reading session took place at BANANAZ on 30 September 2020. For this session, the group read The phantom archive, an email essay by the Palestinian curator, pedagogue and writer Lara Khaldi. Khaldi's writings and work address themes like the dystopian present, colonial issues and the impossibilities inherent in language and communication.

The email essay The Phantom archive was written for the publication time, has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine published in 2019 as a part of the project with the same name by the Norwegian choreographer Mette Edvardsen. The publication is available for sale in our physical and online bookshop.

Reading group #3

The third session took place on 28 October 2020. For this third meeting, the group read excerpts from the book Glitch Feminism: A new manifesto for cyberfeminism by Legacy Russell (Verso Books, 2020). Russell explores the concept of the body in a world where the divide between the digital and the non-digital no longer exists.

The session took place at Dansens Hus, where choreographer Inés Belli will premiere her performance Metasexy in November. Russell’s book has been a part of her research, and Carrie took the opportunity to look at what is surrounding this dancework.

The group also discussed parts of Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror.

In collaboration with Carrie .