Iggy Lond Malmborg (SE)
b o n e r

2.–3. mars 2016

Past showings

21:00, Lille scene

21:00, Lille scene

Imagine if Shakespeare wrote Hamlet in order to please a prop.

Imagine a crown lying backstage at The Globe, lusting for time in the limelight.

b o n e r provides these muted objects with a voice. The show works under the premise that one cannot gain a sociological understanding of a situation purely through looking at human behaviour. One must also take the objects, which are enabling (and co-creating) the situation into consideration. In b o n e r the actor, the audience and the objects are equal. These agents are presented next to each other and thereby democratized and perceived as equally important, dependent and controlled by each other. b o n e r is experimental without aiming for shock-value, non-dramatic without being post-dramatic theatre, and minimalistic without being boring.