Mia Habib, How to Die – Inopiné (2022)

  • ISBN 978-3-94-821297-1

How to Die – Inopiné is a performance and a practice. It thinks through, in an embodied manner, the prevailing contemporary moods of ecological grief, cultural panic, and collapse. As a performance in a theater or outdoors, an audience encounters five dancers who are constantly building, unbuilding, and rebuilding. Afterwards, stories are told around a bonfire. As a practice in the studio, school, or street, a group of dancers, artists, writers, and architects meet for a year of residencies between Oslo and Umeå. They host a working process and encounter external informants. The goal is to displace oneself into the unexpected. This publication, two years in the making, engages with the challenges of translating a choreographic process into the space of a book. It both documents the project’s development as well as offering the reader-doer different modes of thinking-doing, from somatic practices to proposals for a curriculum. Experiments in writing, mapping, and moving are played with, all engaging with the question, “what is the future of displaced thinking?”

Edited by: Ashkan Sepahvand. Co-edited by: Mia Habib. Contributions by: Harald Becharie, Mia Habib, Jassem Hindi, Asher Lev, Marie Kraft Selze, Namik Mačkić, Ingeborg Olerud, Anna Pehrsson, Ashkan Sepahvand, Nina Wollny. Project Assistance by: Grethe Henden, Siri Leonardsen and Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner. Copyediting by: Ari Níelsson. Designed by: Fag Tips (virgil b/g taylor). Printed by: KOPA, Lithuania. In collaboration with: Mia Habib Productions.

English / 256 pages

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