Womoon "fra bunad til burka"

9.–12. februar 2012

The journey to Womoon is a deep dive into reflections surrounding gender roles, cultura and behaviour. It can be seen as a free fall where the bunad and the burka is the center of gravity, and where the piracy of the impressions of the journey happens through the YouTube-, Google-, and Wikipedia-generations eyes and ears. With a shameless mixing of genres, the narrative recycling and the stereotypical influence of our understanding of self, is challenged.

Nordic mythology is interwoven with oriental mysticism in a performative adaptation where karaoke and kveding (designation of a sing method as used in Norwegian folk song) is equal, in a universe seen through glasses tinted by a Japanese Disneyworld. The war of the trousers begins! You know very well why I am pissed off. I discard my impossible costume and find freedom! Freedom!

What does it mean to get dressed? What does it mean to disrobe?

"There, there", said Mary Ann. "I will find my sister, even if it takes a lifetime to track her down". "No, no, it is futile"

I consume, therefore I am. Real women wear high heels with their bunad and their burka. Ceci n'est pas du theatre.

By: Deborah Vlaeymans, Søren Knud Christensen, Sille Dons Heltoft, Birgitte Erikson, Grith Ea Jensen, Mads Thorsø Nielsen. Supported by: Norsk kulturråd, Statens Kunstråd, Kulturkontakt Nord and Københavns Scenekunstudvalg. Co-producers: Black Box Teater and Warehouse9.