Viva Mandić!

23.–24. februar 2012

In one hour Marko literary extracts his artistic life into one single glass of sweat.

On two video screens we simultaneously witness his theatre achievements from the beginning of his career up to the Slovene national award (2009) and his secret artistic experience from two nights spent in Slovene National Theatre repository. The essence of his performance summarize the three following questions: 1. Why am I doing all this? 2. Who is all this meant for? 3. What is my purpose? With his answers Marko remains radical and uncompromising: 1. Because of me. 2. For Me. 3. Me. Viva Mandić! Exhibitionist, Narcissus, Jester, Intellectual, Animal, Egoist, Artist.

Conceived by Marko Mandić and Bojan Jablanovec. Performer: Marko Mandić. Direction: Bojan Jablanovec. Text: The argumentation of “Prešernov sklad” Award 2009. Video “I put a spell on you”:Marko Mandić showreel fragment. Video “Marko”: Marko Mandić. Video “Mandić” edited by Bojan Jablanovec (contains performances’ fragments from SNG Drama Ljubljana, Mini Teater Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Glej Theatre Ljubljana, AGRFTV Ljubljana and Via Negativa productions; video archive: Prodok Teater Ljubljana). Photos: Tone Stojko, Peter Uhan, Fulvio Grissoni, Tit Košir, Matjaž Rušt, Jure Eržen, Blaž Samec, Mavric Pivk, Matej Družnik, Tadej Regent, Tomi Lombar, Voranc Vogel, Janko Mandić, Goran Antlej, Tina Ramujkić, Maja Slavec, Delo fotodocumentation. Music: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, I put a spell on you. Producer: Špela Trošt. Production: Via Negativa, 2009. Supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana.