De Utvalgte
Visjonæren (2014)

12.–14. mars 2015

Past showings

21:00, Store scene

21:00, Store scene

15:00, Store scene

21:00, Store scene

“Openly conceived, strong visual theater”. “This is theater that makes us think. And feel.” – Andreas Wiese, Dagbladet.

“And this piece of theater has scenes that gets into your system and does not leave you until they have marked you” – Chris Eriksen,


R: oh my god

J: And then comes the storm, and animals fly through the air

R: oh my god

J: On the fields there are beds floating.. and old clocks, and behind a tree ..are two small children

R: Who are they?

J: The two of us, I think

R: oh no

J: but they’re impossible to recognize, because it’s ..

R: covered in

J: dirt

R: soil and grass

J: grass and old leaves

War is intoxication, power, and the smell of blood – and reveals how empathy disappears when the hunter instinct kicks in. The loss of dignity leaves us unable to forgive or be forgiven.

The performance is inspired by Holberg’s Jeppe on the Mountain. The story of a war-torn man, seeking refuge in intoxication. In her powerlessness his wife attempts to knock some sense into his skull.

We fear the outcasts because they are erratic in their behavior and remind us of all that can go wrong.

Jeppe is the scapegoat. He is in a delirious chaos, a free space for visionary ideas and dystopian ruminations. Exposed to everyday life he is without the ability to want what he wants, and remains a symptom of an overworked world.

The textual material is partially improvised by the ensemble and mixed with textual fragments from Jeppe on the Mountain, Maria Tryti Vennerød, and video interviews of drug counselor Vegar Lenslie, weapons expert Ketil Davidsen, peace worker Marguarite Barankitse, and the Dalai Lama. The theatrical action unfolds in dialogue with the video material. The sound is produced by 3 Øre in cooperation with the sound designer and partially recorded and processed live from the stage.

  • Duration 80 minutter