turning into saints

19.–23. oktober 2011

Can the conjuring of religious myths stand the light of day? In the intersection between life and death, hope and suffering, redemption and loss, a theatrical journey opens up - rewriting the historical lives of the holy in a modern landscape. Past and present is staged through a selection from the one-act cycle “The Saint Plays” by Erik Ehn.

This is the re-told story of three legendary saints: Saint Barbara who was decapitated by her father, the Virgin Mary with her immaculate conception, and Saint Eulalia who was tortured with her hair aflame. This is placed in a landscape that generates contemporary connotations through cultural references in different patterns, where puppetry, physical visual theatre and text based sound-theatre meet as partners in a waltz. This is three meetings with a saint, a pattern and a prayer.

The trinity culiminates in a song and you are invited to project yourself onto the saints’ meta-historical rebellion in the border-land between empathy and faith.

Erik Ehn. Birgitte Erikson. Sigurd. Karl Flyman. Stine Janvin Motland. Christina Henriksen. Kate Pendry. Øystein Johansen. Susanne Irene Fjørtoft. Karina Nielsen. Audun Skau Hansen. Ingvild Refsum. Lisa Eikrann. Grith Ea Jensen. Ingrid Rusten. Claudio Forlini. Javier Tvihaug. Supported by: Norsk kulturråd, Bergen kommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere and Moving Art. Co-production: BIT Teatergarasjen and Black Box Teater.

  • Duration 1 minutter