Then love was found and set the world on fire

28. februar–3. mars 2013

”Then Love was found and set on fire” is about revolution. The political incident and the upsurge in Iran in 1979 triggered the company to make this piece.

The starting point of this performance is screaming, running, singing, crying, and the smell of burning tires and hair. You see a multitude of faces, who then disappear. It is about the emptiness after someone’s passing, the silence before you run, and the breathing sound as you are hiding.

The performance is about faces and bodies, filled with energy and determination, with nothing to lose.

Hooman Sharifi Impure Company / Hooman Sharifi has over the past 12 years established a name for himself on the European stage and performed at numerous international festivals. With the motto ”Art is political”, the company has received acclaim for its intense energy and a strong political will to engage the audience. The company has visited Black Box Theater several times, most recently in the fall of 2012 with ”To be, means to resist, resist what you are not”.