Diana Niepce
The Other Side Of The Dance

27.–28. januar 2023

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

What do you see when you see me? The body hurts. What do you say about me? The body resists the challenge of representing the invisible ones in history, in this attempt at an impossible mapping. How to survive the pathological trauma inflicted by society all the time? We remain trapped in words as we search for meaning. The world is trying to give a new reality to this new age. I am violence. You are violence. We are violence. This is the history of violence.

In The Other Side Of The Dance, Diana Niepce explores the delicate balance between risk and play. She looks at the history of dance and at the hierarchy that organizes the body. In her studies of Portuguese dance, she sees that some bodies have been marginalized, and she also sees how these bodies have moved and found their places. She wants to look at the story and understand it experimentally in the dance genre, observe this dance's other side, and through this put her own body to the test. The Other Side of The Dance is a survey of the invisible in the history of dance.

Diana Niepce is a dancer, choreographer and writer. Among other things, she has created the shows Raw and nude, 12,979 days and Adna, Diana. With The Other Side of The Dance, it is the first time Niepce visits Black Box teater.