Rosalind Goldberg
The Field

28.–30. oktober 2020

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

The Field is a performance with one dancer and a surrounding soundscape. The work speculates on the body’s plastic nature and what it would look like if we could see this capacity of receiving and creating form happening on a neurological level in the brain. Proceeding from the idea that the body is a radiant, sensorial hub that, on a micro-level, imbibes and pours out information constantly – the performance The Field exposes and exaggerates this plasticity through the choreography. In this setting, the body can turn into a meaty, forceful, sensuous lump. Or, a spinning malleable flower.

The plastic nature our body encompass does not only imply that it is the creator and receiver of form but also an agent of disobedience to certain forms, a refusal to submit to a model. Learning from the resistance existing inside our bodies, The Field asks; what can we expect from the body? How to choreograph the body’s capacity to transform us through experiences, to make us and our surroundings change through cultivating specific relations? Whence the poetic images of The Field arise.

NB! The performance uses strobe lights/flashing lights.

Episode #14: On plasticity
Fall Program 2020
  • Duration 60 minutter