Sleeping Beauty part 2

21.–23. februar 2013

"A LONG TIME AGO THERE LIVED a King and Queen, who said every day, "If only we had a child"; but for a long time they had none."

Ann Liv Young has presented work in a diverse range of contexts across Europe including the Apartments project with Brut Wien (2009) and the Donau Festival, Krems (2008, 2009). She has also presented work with Chicks on Speed in Hamburg (2009) and in Malmo, Sweden (2010). Young’s controversial work continues to stimulate a wide range of press and publicity as in the Sherry vs. Kanye event as part of PS122 (2009) which included press coverage by the New York Times and MTV. Young’s performance at PS1, Sherry vs. PS1 (2010) has been subject to world wide debate. Young’s «Cinderella» visited Black Box Teater 2010, followed by «Mermaid Show» in 2012. We are happy to welcome her back, this time with «Sleeping Beauty part 2».