13.–17. oktober 2010

We follow the stories of six persons in a town big enough to have a Modern Art Gallery, small enough to risk bumping into people you know, when you expect it the least.

The controversial artist opens an explosive exhibition, the postman can`t stop delivering and the hypochondriac nurse spies on the girl next door and finds that she is nothing like he imagined. A row of unexpected coincidences opens for this entertaining examination of the human mind. Layers of different stories and voices sets the base for Reconstructions, a dark, absurd and humoristic performance. This mosaic of stories is packed with filmatic references and unexpected turns. NONcompany presents a new script and a bunch of talented actors with their seventh performance. The premiere of Reconstructions in Bergen in February received great reviews and feedback from the press and audience.

Performance by NONcompany. Co-producers:Bit Teatergarasjen and Black Box Teater.

  • Duration 2 minutter