Pre-party: Do-re-me-too-sa-Lo-li-ta

17:00 Foyer Free admission

Extended program Do-re-me-too-sa-Lo-li-ta Party

+ Friday 24 November from 17.00, Kristinsdottir/Willyson and Black Box teater invite you to a pre-party before the performance. There will be poetry, ping-pong and talk, food and beer. Marius Kolbenstvedt reads from Willyson's upcoming novel Nesodden. Henriette Pedersen reads from Hildur Kristinsdottir's hopefully future publication Prosalyrics from the daily press.

Free food for the first 50 to arrive!

17.15: Ping-pong show with Fokus table tennis club
+ Friendly match between Nesodden (Marius Kolbenstvedt) and Nittedal (Ådne Sekkelsten)

After the show there will be a party!