Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
Performances, installations, talks, seminars and festival club

8.–17. mars 2018

Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival has been the pulsing heart of Black Box teater’s Spring season since 2013. Daring and surprising, it’s become an annual rendez-vous for performing arts in Oslo in March.

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Artists of different generations from around the world, both familiar names and newcomers, will gather for ten concentrated, vibrating days of live art experiences, including several Norwegian premieres. By crossing artistic practices, these artists open up a stimulating dialogue between performing arts, music and visual arts, challenging what the art experience can be.Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival is unfolding throughout the city in cultural venues, intimate situations, natural settings and public spaces. A way to bring art into our daily lives and create a poetic relationship to our environment.

8.3-17.3 Dries Verhoeven (NL): Fare The Well!
8.3-11.3 Ingri Fiksdal (NO): Diorama *
8.3 I Apologize (FR): concert
8.3-9.3 A-project (NO/IT): A-project #2
9.3-10.3 Trajal Harrell (US): Caen Amour
10.3-11.3 Maria Hassabi (CY/USA): STAGING: solo-undressed **
10.3-12.3 Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion (UK): Any Table Any Room
11.3-12.3 Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion (UK): 52 portraits
12.3-13.3 Eirik Fauske (NO): Live
12.3-13.3 Tony Tran & Andreas Leonardsen (NO): Encryption
13.3-14.3 Jaha Koo (KR/BE/NL): Cuckoo
14.3-15.3 Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (US): Sèancers
14.3-17.3 Tormod Carlsen (NO): Radio Oh So Slow
15.3-17.3 Marie Bergby Handeland (NO): Forfatterbevegelsen *
15.3-16.3 Raquel André (PT): Collection of lovers
16.3 Tormod Carlsen (NO): My Inner Landscape
16.3-17.3 El Conde de Torrefiel (ESP): The Possibilities that Disappear Before a Landscape

Community project:
8.3-17.3 We Insist/Mia Habib (NO) & Jassem Hindi (FR/PL):The stranger within

*In collaboration with Dansens Hus
** In collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus