Motus (IT)
Nella Tempesta

26.–27. mars 2015

Past showings

20:30, Store scene

18:00, Store scene

“…an elegiac and stirring forecast of bad political weather headed our way.” The Village Voice.

“The Motus Theater Company of Italy is the most truly revolutionary troupe in town! …this production turns a cast of six and an assortment of blankets into an 80-minute youthquake that seems likely to leave even cynical audience members shaken and stirred!” The New York Times.

“Political Drama At Its Finest…the company presents rigorous theater that is unafraid of the larger inquiry into dynamics of power and people. Calling out and screaming for justice is the mainstay of this drama…” Theater Pizzazz.

“A mind expanding new production from Italy’s Motus Theatre Company that masterfully illuminates contemporary political and climate change issues alongside text borrowed from Shakespeare.” Theatre is Easy.

Nella Tempesta creates a short circuit between Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Une Tempête by Aimé Césaire. Reflecting on the turmoil in our society and the consequences of the economic crisis, the performance also speaks about storms in the Mediterranean Sea, which are sinking the migrants ships that set sail from the coast of North Africa to reach Europe—“Brave new world,” to quote Miranda and Aldous Huxley. This version of Shakespeares play ”The Tempest” imagines the play about a world not as it appears to be ending, but a world on the verge of a new beginning.

Please read: Blankets play a very important part in Motus Theatre Company’s Nella Tempesta. Audiences are encouraged to bring clean blankets to the performances. They will be used in the show and then donated to the local charitable organization Folk er folk.

Artisttalk with Motus after the performance Thursday March 26th. Welcome!

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