Morning Talk: An hour with Asia Bazdyrieva / Moderated by Lesia Vasylchenko.

09:00–10:00 Foyer Free admission

Extended program Conversation

In collaboration with Podium and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

In this conversation artist, writer and art historian Asia Bazdyrieva will address the image of Ukraine as a resource. She will focus on Ukraine-as-a-territory that has been rendered by dual colonization by Western Europe and the Russian Empire, a position that was further reinforced during the Soviet era.

She will address the material aspects of such a complex colonial gaze, namely, the process of “resourcification”.
That is Ukraine—its territory, natural resources, and people—as merely a site for material transaction. These processes need to be both understood historically, and in the present geopolitical moment.

The existential threat that Ukraine—its territory, bodies, living and non-living matter—are facing today, is entangled with larger arrangements which affect peoples and climates globally.

The conversation is based on Bazdyrievas text No Milk, No Love published in e-flux journal #127 in May 2022, and is moderated by artist and curator Lesia Vasylchenko.

Lesia Vasylchenko is an artist and a co-curator of the artist-run gallery space Podium. The conversation is in english.

We serve pastries and coffee before the conversation.

The event is a part of the program "New Visions in Conversation", visit for more information.