Eva Reiter/​Jorge León (BE)

22. september 2018

Past showings

15:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

Mitra is a hybrid project situated somewhere between musical theatre, documentary cinema and installation, directed by filmmaker Jorge León. In the course of 70 minutes and on two screens, it presents the struggle of real individuals living in Iran and France, who are caught up in the psychiatric system. Live on stage in front of the screening are a dancer, a child and for two short live appearances, the internationally acclaimed American soprano Claron McFadden. An electronic soundscape is supplied by the Belgian Ictus Ensemble.

Mitra tells the story of Mitra Kadivar, a real life psychoanalyst from Tehran whose problems with the Iranian psychiatric system made international news. A story of one woman plus a few friends fighting together and from afar, through the unique power of words exchanged via email, to escape obliteration. Their truth, however, only finds its true expression when turned into fiction and put to music.

Mitra Kadivars’s bravery, her uncompromising stance, and the almost antique beauty of her face marked by her trials, aligns her with a certain tragic figure of female heroism. Set in the confines of a nightmarish psychiatric hospital, Mitra is a story of the determination and solitude of a rebellious woman trapped within oppressive social codes.

  • Extra credits IMPACT, De Munt / La Monnaie, Present Perfect vzw, The GMEM Marseille, Actoral Marseille en Les films de Force Majeure