Dana Michel (CA)
Mercurial George

4.–5. november 2016

Past showings

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

“Dana Michel is a real original, peculiar to the ninth degree and remarkably compelling onstage..

She scarcely dances; she scarcely speaks; her manner is oblique.” The New York Times

“Michel reveals the absurdity of stereotypes as they coexist and contradict themselves, showing us that the lens through which we view the world is nothing more than a fun house mirror.” Local Gestures

About Uncanny Valley Stuff (previous title of Mercurial George).

“I only just got a bit of dirt under the nails with the last thing. Now wading through the hairy rubble of a preliminary anthropological dig. So much debris! I couldn’t have predicted how much debris there would be and how much work I had created for myself in waking this beast.” Dana Michel.

The critical acclaimed Canadian choreographer Dana Michel doesn’t dance so much as dare, taking risks and inventing her own body language based on questionings of her roots. Her last performance Yellow Towel was a part of Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2014. Dana’s work has garnered numerous awards and Yellow Towel was featured on the “Top Five” and the “Top Ten” dance moments in the Voir newspaper, Dance Current Magazine and Time Out New York.

Double ticket for Dana Michel and Lisbeth Gruwez:

Would you like to see both Lisbeth Gruwez og Dana Michel at the same evening you can buy a double ticket for a reduced price. See this link: dobbeltbillett. Read more about Lisbeth Gruwez here.