Matteo Fargion (UK): Crossing the Stage & Other Scores

20. april 2017

Past showings

12:00, Rom for dans

Welcome to a workshop with Matteo Fargion!

A composition workshop focussing on what happens when ideas and techniques which come from music are translated into movement, and vice versa. Drawing from 30 years of experience of working as a composer and performer in the dance and theatre world, I will propose exercises which use extreme reduction of possibilities to stimulate the imagination.

There will be little distinction made between musicians and dancers in the workshop for the most part, but the tasks will include both sound and movement. We will also explore ways in which music and movement can co-exist on stage without falling into too familiar relationships. Musicians are welcome to bring in their instruments.

This workshop is suitable for choreographers/makers and composers/musicians.

APRIL 20th 2017 12-17. Venue: Rom for Dans

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