8.–11. mars 2012

Lindås is situated in western Norway, five miles north of Bergen and one mile south of Norway’s largest oil refinery, Statoil Mongstad.

This is where the Fauske family settled down in 1982. 22 years later their three children had moved out. During this time, Norway has become filthy rich, and a large part of the income has come from the refinery at Lindås, where several members of the Fauske family has worked.

”Lindås” is a family reunion and an excavation, a desperate need for closeness to what will forever be gone.

in this show, performance artist Eirik Fauske takes a further step into his exploration of the past. He has become more of an archeologist, and the personal texts is a direct link to his own background. At the same time this is a staging of several other stories, the story about the oil and the family, about growing up and about goodbyes, bound together with Eirik Fauske’s staging and distinctive voice as a playwright.

Script/Direction: Eirik Fauske. On stage: Erlend Samnøen, Terese Vangstad, Tov Sletta, Ingvild Meland and Eirik Fauske. Dramaturg: Marit Grimstad Eggen. Set design: Signe Becker. Video/Sound: Jørgen Noodt Skjærvold/Eirik Fauske. Lights: Eirik Brenne Torsethagen. Producers: Marit Grimstad Eggen / Eirik Fauske. Outside eyes: Ole Johan Skjelbred and Per Ananiassen. Graphic design: Kristian Kaupang ( Supported by: Norsk kulturråd, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Dramatikkens hus, Teaterhuset Avant Garden. Co-producers: Dramatikkens hus and Teaterhuset Avant Garden.

  • Duration 1 minutter