Vivarium Studio/​Philippe Quesne (FR)
La Mélancolie des Dragons

18.–19. mars 2015

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

21:00, Store scene

“An absolute masterpiece!” – De Morgen.

“A moment of charm and pleasure as rich and pointless as the life that inspires it.” – Le Soir.

“The actors’ incredible naturalness, the poetic invention and a humour that never turns to cynicism make La mélancholie des dragons disarming and powerful theatre.” –

“But what governs La mélancholie des dragons above all is an unprecedented version of absurdity, both ingenious and hilarious.” – De Standaard.

In 2003 the French artist and stage designer Philippe Quesne set up his Vivarium Studio theatre company to make assemblage theatre with a permanent group of actors, artists, musicians and a dog. They show a vivarium of the human species, a slice of life, detailed and humorous. Their sources of inspiration are Beckett and Maeterlinck, and Goya and Dürer too. It is not a script or psychology that provide the foundations on which the actors work, but music, in this case hard rock and mediaeval music. La mélancholy des dragons is above all a play about friendship.

Artist talk with Philippe Quesne after the performance March 18th. Welcome!

  • Duration 75 minutter